Junior Police

Bringing a crime safety program to all the third grades in Haverhill.

Read Across America                                                                                     
Participating in a project to encourage reading by grammar school students.

National Day of Service 
Participate in the Exchange Club National Day of Service - Performing diverse community projects on Make A Difference Day.

Give a Kid a Flag to Wave                                                 
Just as its tongue-twisting title suggests, this popular project involves the distribution of small American flags to youngsters at parades, fairs, picnics, school events or other community happenings that generate large crowds. The flags are absolutely free to the children and can make a great souvenir of the occasion.  This is an easily implemented and effective program designed to cultivate a deeper sense of patriotism and to heighten young Americans' appreciation and admiration for our country's flag. Flags with National Exchange Club identification are available from the supply department.

Proudly We Hail                                                                                        
Honoring local citizens and businesses that proudly fly our nation's flag.

Kids as Peacemakers
We challenge churches, synagogues, schools, and social organizations to have their youngster talk about peace and peaceful living, then design and paint their mural on a sheet of plywood.

Book of Golden Deeds 
This exclusive Exchange Club program honors the quiet, good deeds of America's unsung heroes. The woman who regularly donates her time to care for disadvantaged children—the man who voluntarily instructs disabled persons in some skill or craft— these are the kinds of exceptional individuals that the Book of Golden Deeds Award aims to recognize. These uncommon men and women exist in every city and town and, if not for this project, might never receive the acclaim that they deserve. This program is easy to implement and extremely satisfying once accomplished.

St. Patty's Day Breakfast                                                                                  
To support the Michael B. Christianson Family Support Center.

Fire Prevention 
Educating our youth in fire safety.

Freedom Shrine                                                                                        
Displaying documents of American Freedom and History in public places, schools, libraries, etc..

Youth of the Year 
Recognizing top area scholars.

Ace Award  
Recognizing a student who has turned their life around and Accepted the Challenge of Excellence.